Worker’s Compensation Settlements in Tulsa

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When you work for an employer, that person or company is responsible for any injury you incur in the course of your work. If you got hurt on the job, even if you are not disabled, your employer may owe you “worker’s compensation”.

You deserve compensation for injuries that are not your fault. If you got injured at work because of the nature of your work and your employer does not provide the compensation you deserve — the Burton Law Group can help.  Our experienced workers compensation attorneys can file a claim on your behalf seeking the compensation you are entitled to for your injury.

Worker’s Compensation Oklahoma Laws

Oklahoma workers’ compensation laws require that employers carry insurance to protect workers from financial hardships caused by workplace injuries.

You must provide notice to your employer within 30 days of any injury.  If your employer fails to authorize medical treatment within five days, you may select your own medical provider.  If your claim is later ruled compensable by the Workers’ Compensation Commission, any treatment you had to seek on your own becomes the responsibility of your employer.

When Employers Owe Worker’s Compensation in Oklahoma

Being out of work for even a week due to an on-the-job injury can cause a significant increase in debt.  If a medical provider takes you off work due to a work-related injury, you are entitled to temporary total disability (TTD) which is equal to 70% of your gross pay (up to a maximum set by the state).  The right to TTD begins after the first three days you are off work.

The right to TTD requires:

  • An employee/employer relationship
  • An on-the-job injury that prevents you from working
  • Active care from a medical provider

How Often Do Employers Settle?

Most employers understand the value of their employees and know it is in their best interest to treat and compensate their workers properly. While it is unfortunate, some employers may attempt to delay or deny worker’s compensation payments.

In the majority of cases, the employer and/or their insurance company will volunteer worker’s compensation within a reasonable amount of time.

Sometimes an employer may need a reminder that they owe workers’ compensation and a letter from a Tulsa workers compensation attorney can be just what they need to get motivated.

However, some employers delay and deny claims until the commission orders them to pay compensation. In this case, Oklahoma workers compensation lawyers can help.  Most cases resolve or settle before litigation is required as long as good evidence exists to prove your claim.

Tulsa Attorneys for Worker’s Compensation

If there is a dispute over whether or not your employer owes compensation for a workplace injury, a dispute resolution process has been established. Claims are initiated by filing a Form 3 with the Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Commission.  Once a claim is established with the Commission, a pre-hearing can be requested by filing a Form 13 or a hearing can be requested by filing a Form 9. Although not required, a workers compensation lawyer can help you fill the forms out correctly and file them.

The workers compensation attorneys at the Burton Law Group will stand up for your rights and get the Oklahoma workers compensation settlement amount you deserve. Get in touch with us today and experience get justice.