Tulsa Work Injury Attorneys

Unfortunately, thousands of people get injured across America every year while working for their employer. On the job injuries and accidents can really set someone back. Depending on the severity of the injury, you could have extensive medical bills and time lost from work. If you have a family, they suffer as well, due to your lack of income. How do you recover from this financial burden?

construction workers helping their injured co-worker in the construction site

In most cases, someone was responsible for the injury. Something contributed to the accident. It is our job as personal injury attorneys to closely examine every aspect of the workplace or off-site location where the injury took place. We can then determine all of the individuals and entities that may have played a role in causing the injury or accident.

This is not always apparent nor easy to prove. This is why you should obtain experienced injury lawyers to pursue your case rather than attempting to manage the claim on your own. Employers have an obligation to protect you from harm and prevent injuries in the workplace. But sometimes, they or one of their vendors or contractors can be negligent. Possibly a hazardous condition was allowed to exist or a certain safety precaution was not taken. Maybe warnings and precautions were not communicated to the employees.

Every work related injury case is different—but we have handled them for more than two decades, and we will do our very best to make sure that you receive compensation for your pain, your lost wages, and your medical bills. You and your family should be able to focus on getting well and not worry about fighting with an insurance representative.

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