Oklahoma City Defective Product Attorneys

Thousands of consumers around the country are injured every year by defective products. Any product can be defective in the way it is made. Or, a product can be dangerous if misused, or if proper precautions and instructions are not clearly communicated to the consumer. Examples of defective product liability cases would be:

  • A poorly made glass coffee carafe on a coffeemaker that suddenly breaks and burns the victim
  • A tire that explodes and causes an auto accident
  • In medication that causes a dangerous side effect
  • A child’s toy that has a loose piece that can easily be choked on
  • Medical device used to treat someone that malfunctions and causes a health problem
  • A swing set that does not come with proper warnings of a collapse risk while assembling

a broken metal chain

These cases give you an idea of importance of Defective Products attorney —as product liability laws govern cases where a product has harmed someone. Some of these cases involve many people and become a class action lawsuit. This often happens with defective drugs. Sometimes, the failings of the product are quite clear, and product liability can be readily proven. Other cases are more complicated and require investigation of all the facts and details surrounding the incident, and possibly the use of Defective Products Lawyers to support the case. You need a Oklahoma Product Liability Lawyer to help you pursue the justice and compensation you deserve.

Our Defective Products Attorneys have handled these cases with knowledge and skill. We have the resources and experience to thoroughly work the case and establish all parties who were in any way responsible for the product defect or misuse.

Manufacturers and retailers must be held accountable for the products they produce and sell to the public. We purchase goods believing that they are safe, and when they are not, it is only right to pursue justice and compensation for the injuries that have been caused. In some very unfortunate cases, a person dies due to a malfunctioning or harmful product. This leads to a wrongful death case, which our Defective Products Attorneys also handle.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Oklahoma product liability lawyers to discuss any potential defective product case. We promise to give you our full support and best advice. Your consultation is FREE.

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