Tulsa Wrongful Death Attorneys

When a loved one dies and someone else is responsible, you are not only grieving, but you are angry. And rightly so. Whether a person or a company was negligent, acting recklessly, directly or indirectly causing harm – the fact remains that they contributed to your loved one’s death. Sometimes, there is willful misconduct that leads to a death. These lawsuits are known as Wrongful Death Cases.

wrongful death

pursue justice, uncovering every bit of liability for the death of your loved one. Sometimes, liability is shared by more than one party. These cases can be complex, which is why it is essential to obtain an experienced personal injury attorney who handles wrongful death cases.

We can provide the legal guidance and representation your family needs at this difficult time, and we will work hard to expose and prove the actions of others that contributed to your loved one’s passing. We will work your case with diligence and determination.

We know you must have questions about the process for a wrongful death case. Our Oklahoma City, Tulsa attorneys are here to help, and will answer all your questions during a Free Consultation. You have our deepest sympathies for your loss.