Why Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney?

Why Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney? Image

Do you have a severe medical condition that keeps you from obtaining gainful employment? If so, contact a social security disability attorney at the Burton Law Group for the help and guidance you need.

Those who retain a lawyer to handle their disability claim are more likely to be approved than those who attempt to handle it on their own. There are many reasons for this and understanding these reasons may help you decide if hiring a social security disability attorney is the right decision for you.

The only time you should refrain from calling a Tulsa social security attorney is when you are waiting for a response to your initial application.  At this point, there is not much an attorney can do, so it isn’t wise to agree to pay them a portion of your past-due benefits until you have received a denial.

It is a fallacy that claims for social security disability are denied on the first go around. In fact, 35% of claims are approved on the first application. The main reason claims get denied is incorrect or incomplete forms or lack of medical evidence required to support the claim.

An Oklahoma City social security lawyer can help reverse denials because disability attorneys understand how to develop the evidence required to gain approval of the claim.

A good disability attorney will review the applicant’s file to determine whether additional tests or medical records are required. They will work with the applicant to get the necessary medical records for submission to the social security administration.

It is essential that irrelevant information not be submitted. Should the claim get to the hearing level, administrative law judges often become irritated if they must read through pages of unnecessary and irrelevant records.

Support from your physician is crucial to winning a disability case. But doctors are unwilling at times to help a disability applicant. There are many different reasons why a doctor may not want to help. A doctor may be unsure about the process or too busy to fill out paperwork. Some may have personal opinions about Social Security benefits that account for their unwillingness, or a doctor may not believe the applicant is disabled.

But doctors are more likely to respond to another professional, like a disability attorney, rather than their own patients. Disability lawyers in Oklahoma City have experience dealing with medical professionals and can better address their questions or concerns. Because of this, doctors are more often willing to help.

If your application is denied at first, applicants with lawyers are more likely to win on appeal because of their extensive experience with the process. This experience gives lawyers the specialized skills needed to win on appeal.

Tulsa social security attorneys are familiar with the administrative law judges in their district. This is essential because the attorney understands how each judge likes a hearing to be handled and if the judge has any bias towards a particular medical condition. This allows the lawyer to prepare for the hearing best suited to the administrative law judge assigned to hear the case.

Sometimes “bad facts” surface in the form of a doctor’s opinion that the applicant is not disabled, or the symptoms are being exaggerated. It is not uncommon for a medical record to contain information harmful to a case. At other times, if an applicant has not seen a doctor for many years or has been inconsistent following their treatment plan, that too can affect the applicant’s chances. Regardless of these “bad facts,” disability attorneys can often confront the issues and explain them in a way to minimize damage to the applicant’s case.

Many arguments can be used to win a disability claim. The lawyer can identify the argument that will work best for their client’s claim as they know and understand the Social Security rules and regulations on which they are based.

When the attorney has decided on the best argument, they can meet the requirements of the regulations using the facts of the case. An attorney can anticipate any weaknesses in the case and decide how best to handle them. The arguments can be challenging to understand without being specifically trained in the field of disability law.

If you need the legal help of a disability law firm, contact the Burton Law Group today. They are ready to help.