When and Why You Need A Social Security Disability Lawyer

When and Why You Need A Social Security Disability Lawyer Image

Social security disability insurance is a federal government program that is designed to protect workers against the loss of their ability to work and earn due to some kind of disability. However, in order to get these benefits, you must demonstrate that you are unable to work due to the disability. You will also need to prove that there is no work available, for which you can be reasonably trained due to your physical or mentally ‘unfit’ condition. Additionally, you will need to have worked in a job where you paid into the Social Security System in the past ten years. Furthermore, you must have sufficient evidence and substantial medical reports from healthcare professionals to confirm your condition and inability to work.

Filing a social security disability is truly a task and statistics show that over 70% of the applications are denied. This is exactly why you need a social security disability attorney to help you with the appeal.

When Do You Need a Lawyer?

If you are thinking of hiring an Oklahoma city social security disability attorney, you should try to involve him in the process as soon as possible. Getting a free consultation from a few firms could be a great place to begin your search. With an experienced attorney working on your case, you can ensure that your claims have a better chance of approval. If you have already applied and have been denied, you can still approach a lawyer for help. The lawyer could help you file for a reconsideration and increase your chances of prevailing on the claim. At the reconsideration stage, a lawyer can help you analyze what went wrong and ensure that all the evidence you gathered during your initial application is sufficient for the claim. An expert attorney will then put together all the legal requirements of the claim and submit it for reconsideration.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer?

The only reason to hire a social security disability lawyer is to increase your approval chances. From the application stage to the hearing stage, in Oklahoma City, a social security disability lawyer can help you present your case in a way that the legal system understands and accepts. In Oklahoma, the social security disability lawyers can offer advice on how your condition meets one of the listed impairments in Social Security’s “blue book” and can help you focus on what will create the most persuasive case for the claim to get approved. These lawyers know exactly what kind of evidence and what kind of paperwork is required for the case and can effectively draft a detailed appeal for your case. Moreover, they can also help you prepare yourself for all the ‘expected’ questions at the time of a hearing. Overall, your lawyer can help you be well prepared for the case.

In general, those who obtain the services of a professional social security disability lawyer have a better chance of approval for their claims.

It’s important, however, that you answer all the attorney’s questions as correctly as possible. Without an honest answer, the attorney will not have enough information to accurately represent you. In fact, he is there to support your case and help you get maximum benefits. So, provide the lawyer with all the facts required, such as medical background, your current condition and all the possible ways in which it limits you. Also, discuss your work history and the reasons why your current condition limits your work.

Call us today for a free consultation, or meet with our Tulsa social security disability lawyer and we will gladly answer all your questions about the process and help you file your claim.