What To Do After a Car Accident That’s Not Your Fault

What to do after a car accident? Being in a car accident can make you feel like things are suddenly out of control. Everything from disorientation to being physically hurt to the thoughts about property damage can be overwhelming.

There’s still a lot you need to remember to do, especially when you did not cause the accident. Personal injury lawyers in Oklahoma City of the Burton Law Group can help you.

When Is a Car Accident Not Your Fault?

Fault is not always clear in a car accident, which is why the details matter so much. In many situations, what might seem to be a clear cause of a car accident can be a combination of events. Other times, the circumstances show a distinct cause-and-effect relationship.

What To Do After a Car Crash?

The first priority is to seek medical care for yourself and/or others, if there are injuries. See a doctor about your own care even if it doesn’t seem like you are immediately hurt. Internal injuries can be hidden and show up days later.

Then, contact local law enforcement if you can and if they haven’t already arrived. If you can, try to take photos of vehicles and surroundings.

Try to get license plates, names, and locations where possible. If people give you a contact or email address saying they are a witness, write it down on your phone or anything handy. It all helps later on.

What You Shouldn’t Do After a Car Accident?

The first thing you might feel like saying after an accident is that “I got into a car accident, and it was not my fault.” But the best thing to do is not talk about the accident at all with anyone until you have an attorney. Even if a police officer is asking questions, it’s better to just focus on your health, provide your identity and insurance, and then speak to your attorney. Do not agree, sign, or confirm anything. Instead, it’s best to start with a personal injury attorney in Oklahoma City first.

Stay away from commenting on others by email or social media. While it’s commonplace today and tempting to start posting on social media, all of those records can be captured and tend to haunt people later in court. Even emails to your friends or relatives can be captured in legal motions by insurance companies as well as the police.

It’s a good idea to just not post anything about yourself until your accident is resolved completely. It’s not beyond the attorney for the other party to dig up photos or posts showing or giving the impression that you’ve recovered far better than you actually have; therefore, you don’t need the recovery being claimed.

The key factor in all the above that works in your favor, especially in an accident that was not your fault, is having personal injury attorneys in Oklahoma City. Talking to your attorney immediately or as soon as possible is critical as details can be lost over time.

The Burton Law Group is ready to help and on your side. Don’t let an insurance company, the legal system, and the chaos of an accident drive you to bad decisions. Call us as soon as possible to get the legal protection you need.