Personal Injury: The Top 5 Weirdest Claims and Myths

Personal Injury: The Top 5 Weirdest Claims and Myths Image

When we think of personal injury claims, we think of generic accidents such as slipping on a wet floor or falling into some unforeseen hole in the floor, etc. Justice is served in such cases by filing a personal injury case against the negligent party and the victim hopefully receives appropriate compensation for his losses. Personal injury lawyers in Tulsa handle a number of routine cases that include traffic accidents, work and industrial mishaps, slip and fall injuries, product defects, etc. But sometimes between coincidence and luck, we find ourselves stuck in weird situations and wonder if justice is available.

Here are some of the weirdest cases in the history of personal injury. Unbelievable but true – here goes:

  • The very first on the list dates back to 1991 when an American claimed $10,000.00 against Budweiser claiming that drinking Budweiser caused him a lot of emotional stress as well as psychological trauma.
  • A client driving an open top car on a hot day was stationary in traffic. A cement wagon pulled out of a construction site and split cement on the client’s hair and into the convertible. Bad luck? No! The client received $4,000.00 dollars in compensation.
  • The client was a minor who had 4 teeth taken out by his dentist by mistake. The dentist had apparently mixed up names of two patients with the same name and had the wrong boy’s teeth extracted. The client received $8000.0 dollars in compensation.
  • Darlene Griffin sued West Palm Beach County for the injuries she received in a public park due to an overly aggressive goose. She injured herself while she was trying to protect her son from the goose attack. She apparently fell down and broke her tailbone. The claim was that the county should have posted a warning sign about a dangerous territorial goose.
  • Geremie Hoff sued a hair salon for $6,000.00. She had undergone chemical hair straightening at that salon and the process had resulted in her hair falling off in large clumps. She was seriously traumatized, depressed and had to leave her position as a teacher causing loss of pay as well. She filed a personal injury case for depression, emotional distress, counseling, and loss of income and won!

Along with a few weird cases, there are plenty of myths around personal injury cases too. This essentially means that not every injury can qualify as a personal injury. Here are five such myths

Myth 1: In a personal injury case, everyone receives compensation. Sometimes the plaintiff cannot prove the defendant was negligent and sometimes although the defendant is negligent, the plaintiff may have been more negligent and no recovery is allowed. In addition, if a plaintiff cannot prove damages, there is no recovery.

Myth 2: You have to go to court to get compensated. This is not true. Most personal injury cases are resolved before trial through what is called settlement.

Myth 3: You should never hire a lawyer. Personal injury lawyers in Oklahoma are specifically trained to handle personal injury cases and to seek more compensation than would ever be offered voluntarily by an insurance company. They know the procedures and the law and ensure that you get a fair value in terms of compensation.

Myth 4: Personal Injury cases require a lot of effort. Many people think that even the simplest cases are time to consume and hesitate to go through all the required procedures required for the case.  However, this is not true. Most cases are settled in a very timely manner and the plaintiff is spared a great deal of time and frustration in dealing with the insurance company.

Myth 5: Personal Injury cases are frivolous. While some allegations of personal injury can be borderline frivolous, most of the cases are normal people involved in legitimate accidents such as slip and fall, product defect, car accident etc.

Oklahoma City Personal Injury Attorney, can help you with the simplest and the most complicated cases. If you are looking for help with a personal injury case, We’re Here to Help!