Personal Injury Court: How to Prepare

Personal Injury Court: How to Prepare Image

Without the right preparation and skills, preparing and negotiating a personal injury claim can be difficult. You will face an experienced claims adjuster who will take advantage of any weaknesses in your claim. Without some trading fundamentals you probably won’t get a fair settlement offer. That is why it is important to hire a personal injury trial attorney, not only to help you throughout the process, but to take your claim to court or get a good settlement outside of court.

The Settlement

Trial lawyers spend very little time in the courtroom. Burton Law Group and accident lawyer Oklahoma City often accumulates their evidence and develops their arguments to gain leverage or bargaining power for a settlement. Unfortunately, too often, attorneys in a contingency fee agreement will simply seek a quick settlement, in an amount that is objectively too small for the client’s damages, to collect their fees without putting in too many hours.

However, good lawyers are not committed to any particular pre-established outcome; instead, they are committed to doing what is best for any specific client, each of whom comes to the table with a unique set of circumstances. It is important that you get a good attorney who knows how to prepare for personal injury court, if the situation warrants it. Let’s now talk about what part you play in the process.

Be Relaxed

First of all, try to relax. We know that the process is stressful – you just went through a traumatic incident – but it is important not to feel overwhelmed by the situation. Any good Oklahoma City accident attorney and their staff will handle things for you and help you understand what is happening every step of the way. This is a good way to begin the arduous road ahead.

Details of the Accident

Assuming that you wrote down everything you remembered about the accident, which a good attorney would ask you to do, then the Oklahoma City personal injury lawyer will go over all the details again to make sure that everything is the same as you said it was when the accident occurred. Weather conditions, date and time, potential witnesses, names of police officers and emergency responders – these are just a sample of the essential details that could help your case.

The Incidentals

Most Oklahoma City personal injury lawyers will make sure that he or she knows all the facts and so if there is anything else you remember or think the lawyer should know, it is best to speak up right before your case goes to trial. Attorneys know the law, but you know the facts. A lawyer will know your case as well as you do once you become a client; but initially, the client will be the best resource to build the strongest claim possible. Beyond the facts involved in the accident, it will be important for the lawyer to know everything it does that could impact your case. No detail is too big or too small, and if you think something might be relevant, it probably is. You should also keep track of your medical visits and whenever you miss work.

The Medical Records

Medical records are just as important as the details of the accident. Therefore, it is important to compile the medical records and any other relevant documents. It is assumed that you have already seen a doctor as soon as possible after the accident. It is also assumed that you have followed all the doctor’s orders. In addition to affecting your health and well-being, failure to do so can also affect your personal injury claim.

In addition to your recent medical records, the personal injury attorney Oklahoma City will also need:

  • Previous health records related to any pre-existing conditions.
  • Police reports and incident reports.
  • Any other documents you have received in connection with the accident.
  • Your insurance information.
  • Receipts for items or repairs you had to pay for as a result of the accident.

The Questions

Be sure to prepare a list of questions that you may have for the lawyer before the case goes to court. A good attorney wants you to leave their practice feeling safe and confident that your case will be well represented in court. Therefore, a good Oklahoma City personal injury attorney will be happy to answer all of your questions about their firm, their attorneys, and what you can expect to achieve from a successful personal injury claim.

Schedule Your Consultation

Prior to the case going to court, make sure you schedule a free consultation with your personal injury attorney as soon as possible. The initial consultation is your chance to get to know your attorney, and the lawyer’s opportunity to evaluate your case and get ready for the road ahead, making sure that you are fully represented. If you have been injured in an accident and would like to speak with an Oklahoma City injury attorney,  schedule your free consultation today.