Personal Injury Attorneys and Their Value in a Medical Malpractice Case

Modern medicine has given us many new treatments and procedures that have improved the lives of millions of people across the country. However, sometimes, mistakes and unexpected events occur that can cause personal injury.

A recent study from the Patient Safety Council of Johns Hopkins Hospital found medical errors occur much more frequently than the annual number determined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Medical malpractice and personal injury attorneys work to get compensation for patients when these mistakes happen. If you believe you or a loved one has received a personal injury from medical malpractice OKC, call Burton Law Group for help in managing your case.

Personal Injuries from Medical Malpractice Can Be Devastating

Individual healthcare workers generally don’t cause medical errors. More often, these errors are the result of failures in the system to follow proper protocols, which can lead to the introduction of bacteria into wounds or equipment or cause other mistakes to occur.

When these errors take place, they can have a devastating effect on patients, leading to the need for additional medical treatment, increased medical costs, loss of wages, financial burden, lasting disability, and sometimes, death.

Medical malpractice and personal injury attorneys who specialize in investigating and presenting the facts regarding possible medical errors would be a great help. They have the resources to analyze the specialized information these cases encompass.

Cases of Personal Injury Due to Medical Malpractice

A number of different types of mistakes can occur during the process of medical treatment. Some of the most common mistakes involve:

  • Adverse medication reactions
  • Urinary tract infections related to catheter use
  • Surgical site infections
  • Blood clots
  • Falls due to immobility
  • Surgery of the wrong site or with the wrong procedure
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Pressure sores

Medical Malpractice Settlement

Because medical malpractice cases can involve severe losses to the patient and the patient’s family, lawsuits are filed to pursue compensation for the negative effects caused by the injury. These may include compensation for loss of income provided by a breadwinner of the family, the cost of future medical care, compensation for pain and suffering that has occurred due to the injury, and other factors.

Your medical malpractice and personal injury lawyer with extensive experience in determining the proper amount of settlement can help relieve the burden you and your family have.

Some medical malpractice lawsuits go to court and are heard before a jury, but most often, a medical malpractice settlement is reached by the parties prior to trial. Your attorney will discuss the details of the settlement with you, to ensure you fully understand the amount to which you will be entitled.

How an Attorney Can Help You

When you or a loved one are involved in a personal injury from medical malpractice, you may feel upset, concerned, and uncertain of what to do.

Your medical malpractice personal injury lawyer can provide information on how to proceed and professional support to allow you to navigate the process of making a legal claim against the physician or medical institution.

Medical malpractice and personal injury attorneys have the ability to compile and analyze complex medical records and institutional information about an incident that may have caused injury. They can ensure that the case progresses, while you make sure the injured individual gets the care they need.

Your medical malpractice and personal injury lawyer with extensive experience in determining the proper amount of settlement can help relieve your burden.

Let Us Be Your Medical Malpractice Attorney OKC

Our years of experience and compassion for our clients will ensure that your case is carefully managed and your questions answered. We understand the complex issues and terminology used in the healthcare field and will develop a comprehensive legal claim on your behalf.

Our attention to detail allows you to handle other issues of care that you or your loved one may require. We will carefully walk you through the process of filing a personal injury lawsuit for malpractice and will keep you apprised of the progress of the case.

Contact Burton Law Group — your OKC medical malpractice attorney for help when you or someone you love experiences a personal injury from medical care.