How to Know if You are the Victim of Faulty Products

How to Know if You are the Victim of Faulty Products Image

Millions of people are injured by faulty products they buy in stores every day. When this occurs, you need an experienced attorney to help you receive the money you deserve for medical bills and other damages. A report by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) concluded that in the United States alone, nearly 26,000 people die, and more than 33 million people are injured from consumer products we use in the home: aerosols, mattresses, furniture, appliances, and most especially, cleaning products. Simply by using these faulty products, you may have unknowingly exposed yourself or your family to dangers that were completely unexpected. Product liability generally falls into one of three categories:

  • 1. Manufacturing Defects
  • 2. Defective Design
  • 3. Inadequate Warnings or Instructions

When a manufacturer fails to mark their product with a list of hazards and risks involved, consumers who sustain injuries from using the product can file a claim for damages. The Burton Law Group is dedicated to providing the best possible services and will conduct all necessary research, including contacting companies for interviews and medical professionals to help you build your case. A good accident lawyer Oklahoma City like that will provide you with services and no costs until your case is resolved. That is exactly what you should be seeking and so it is important to allow the Oklahoma City accident attorney to review your case to see if you are a victim or not. There are certain details of the case that would determine that.

Product Liability Attorneys

Most product liability attorneys understand the numerous hidden dangers found in and around the home. For example:

  • Nonstick Cookware – When used at high temperatures, these common household products can release toxic gasses that research has shown to cause cancer, internal organ failure, or many other diseases.
  • Air fresheners- Although they have been used to eliminate odors, some air freshener products contain dangerous ingredients that can lead to birth defects and reproductive problems.
  • Bed Mattresses – These everyday household items are notoriously dangerous due to the components used to waterproof baby mattresses and changing pads, the toxic additives used in their manufacture and more.
  • Clothes Dryers – Not cleaning the lint filter in your dryer is just one of the ways this everyday appliance can be dangerous. A CPSC report found that more than 14,500 dryer fires are caused by clogged lint filters each year.
  • Swings with cracked chains,
  • Cough syrup contains poisonous substances,
  • Mopeds without brake pads,
  • and so on.

The Victim

Anyone can be a victim of product injury and the costs of medical expenses related to emergency care and rehabilitation can be a source of financial burden for the individual and his family. The lawsuit is the essential first step in receiving compensation for damages resulting from defective products. Product obligation laws fall under the Tort Act, which is in the same category as a personal injury case. You will need to work with a well-experienced product liability attorney who can assess your situation and determine what type of lawsuit or lawsuit you need to file.

What is a Defective Product? 

A defective product consists of manufacturing a product available to the public and this product causes injury.

Different kinds of defective product cases include:

  • Defective design – When a manufacturer fails to direct certain safety measures and there are inherent product design problems.
  • Industrial defect-Negligence of safety protocol or parts that are not installed well and may result in product breakdown. This can also include stained food.
  • Defective Branding-Marking products inappropriately or failing to post appropriate warnings about products that may be dangerous to the consumer. This may also include neglecting to include warnings in an instruction manual or guide.

If you are a victim and being represented by an Oklahoma City personal injury lawyer, you can be confident about the professionals’ technical and scientific expertise necessary to help you file the right lawsuits, the necessary investigative conduct, and how to build a strong case against the offending party.

Warranties and Defective Product

If there are guarantees involved with your situation, you may be entitled to additional compensation. A warranty is a guarantee on the product you purchased. An implied warranty is not written or spoken but warrants that the product will function as it should. If this does not occur, and you buy the product, then you are definitely a victim.

An expressed warranty is one that makes a statement about the product, provides a description of the product, or in which the consumer has been shown a model of the product before purchasing a copy of the item.

The Denial

It is important to understand that if there is any denial involved, you may not have a case. A denial is any statement made by the merchant that specifies any defects or potential problems with the product. If you have purchased faulty products and experienced a problem even with the denial, you may not be entitled to compensation for any sustained wounds.

For that reason, it is important to work with an experienced Oklahoma product liability attorney. Most product liability attorneys specialize in faulty products and manufacturer liability can help protect your rights and receive compensation for appropriate damages.

Schedule a Consultation

If you were injured or became ill after using any product, contact an OK product liability attorney to discuss your situation, figure out if you are a real victim and help you build your case. You should get a free no-obligation consultation with the attorney to learn more about and help with your experience with the manufacturer and receive adequate compensation for your pain and suffering.