Common Occupations that Result in Job Injuries

Common Occupations that Result in Job Injuries Image

Individuals that work in hazardous occupations are susceptible to job-related injuries that can cause loss of wages or hardship to their families. In some cases, these incidents must be heard in a workers compensation court, in order for the injured worker to receive the appropriate compensation. Burton Law Group, Tulsa workers comp attorneys, Oklahoma City workers compensation lawyer, have served as a reliable source of help with a reputation for helping individuals receive the workers compensation benefits to which they are entitled.


The construction industry tends to have a significant number of worker injuries, due to the use of heavy equipment, tools and specialized skills that can cause a number of Oklahoma workers compensation court issues. Workers sustain a variety of injuries, including transportation-related accidents, falls, slips, strains, cuts and crushing injuries.  Our attorneys can help with workers compensation Oklahoma residents to maintain their families after a serious accident.


Individuals that work with lawnmower equipment and do tasks such as tree trimming and a wide range of groundskeeping activities can be subject to a number of work hazards. Hauling heavy loads can lead to strains and sprains. Dangerous equipment causes lacerations and amputations. Working with hazardous chemicals can lead to a variety of health problems. Safety equipment often does not fully protect workers in the industry. An Oklahoma workers compensation attorney can provide legal counsel when making claims for benefits offered under the law.

Structural Iron and Steel Workers

Individuals that do structural ironwork at elevated heights can experience falls, strains, crushing injuries, severe lacerations, burns and other injuries. The work involves heavy steel materials that cause a number of hazards. In addition, metalworking also uses a variety of tools for welding, cutting, and grinding that can lead to skin burns, eye injuries, abrasions, and other issues.


The roofing industry has consistently logged a high number of worker injuries while on the job. These workers must do their tasks at high elevations. Although a number of safety equipment measures can be implemented to reduce injuries, they are not always provided by companies and are not always utilized by workers. Injuries from falls, bending and lifting are common in this field of work, which involves often working in inclement weather.

Drivers/Transportation Workers

Drivers and delivery workers are another group with a high rate of injury on the job. With increased congestion on the roads, drivers who log more hours in traffic experience increased risk of accidents that can lead to injury or death. In addition, these workers may be engaged in loading and unloading heavy cargo that can cause back sprains and crushing injuries.

Logging Industry Workers

Logging is another industry that involves a number of hazards to workers. Transportation-related accidents, injuries from equipment, back strains, eye injuries, crushing incidents and injuries from falling objects top the list of issues that continue to cause numerous workers compensation court claims. Loss of life and severe disability can occur from hazardous tasks. Workers’ compensation disputes can help to resolve legal issues relating to lost wages and loss of support.

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Individuals who work in dangerous conditions must take special care of their health and welfare when on the job. Our experienced Tulsa workers comp attorneys can help you to navigate the process of workers compensation court proceedings to ensure you receive the benefits you are entitled to under Oklahoma workers compensation laws.