Common Kinds of Nursing Home Abuse

Common Kinds of Nursing Home Abuse Image

One of the most basic rights of a nursing home resident is the right to an environment that’s free from neglect and abuse. Sadly, this right is also among the most frequently violated. Many elders in the care of nursing homes experience neglect and/or abuse in one form or another—maltreatment that warrants investigation and action by nursing home abuse lawyers in Tulsa. These are some of the most common types of abuse that elders experience in nursing homes:

  1. Emotional abuse – Abuse in nursing homes generally fall under four categories: emotional, physical, or financial abuse as well as general neglect. It is often difficult to recognize when an elderly loved one is falling victim to one of these types of abuses, but those who are being emotionally abused often display certain shifts in their behavior patterns, including mood swings, becoming more withdrawn, shy, or the opposite (being aggressive). They could either show symptoms of depression or they may be manic. When you notice unexplained changes in your loved one’s behavior inside a nursing home, it is worth investigating, with the help of an Oklahoma City attorney.
  2. Financial abuse – Another common type of elder abuse in and out of nursing homes is financial abuse, wherein a senior’s assets or finances are exploited by caregivers. Things to watch out for include funds being siphoned off unexplainably, or sudden assignment of powers of attorney and changes in their will.
  3. Physical abuse – Physical abuse in nursing homes come in many forms, including unexplained injuries, illnesses, and abuse of a sexual nature. These can result in something as negligible as small bruises, cuts, and burns, to life-threatening illnesses and even STIs/STDs.
  4. General neglect – Abuse by neglect is also a common type of nursing home abuse characterized by lack of basic hygiene and appropriate clothing. Other things to take notice of include signs of malnutrition, weight loss, missed medications, missing things, clutter, and other common signs of neglect.

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