Can I Sue if I was Injured on a Construction Site?

Can I Sue if I was Injured on a Construction Site? Image

Something that most people are blissfully unaware of is exactly how the legal system works when it comes to workplace injuries on a construction site. They don’t have to think about it too much because they likely do not work on a construction site, and because they are not an Oklahoma City accident attorney. However, what an Oklahoma City personal injury lawyer would tell them is that it is a good idea to have some concept of how the law works in these situations in case one ever finds themselves needing legal assistance.

A Case Must Be Brought Against An Individual, Not A Company 

One important misconception that much of the public has about workplace injuries on construction sites is the idea that someone can get injured on a construction site and sue the company that they work for in order to seek their retribution. That lives only in the imagination of the public as it is most certainly not the case in the real world. Any Oklahoma city injury attorney can tell you that they have to pursue individuals to sue rather than entire companies in these cases. There are a small handful of exceptions that the Oklahoma City personal injury attorney might seek to work through, but generally, they will strictly be left to sue only those who work next to their client.

It is certainly not easy to find a target for a lawsuit when one has to go after just individuals. After all, most individuals do not have very deep pockets and are unlikely to have the ability to pay up if they are found to be guilty of some workplace negligence. Thus, all individuals who are injured in a workplace accident on a construction site should immediately hire a personal injury attorney Oklahoma City to help them try to fight their case. It will always be an uphill battle, but at least they can make the effort to try to win a case that might otherwise just fall through the cracks.

Suing For Poorly Marked Construction Areas

We have mentioned that it is very difficult to sue a construction company, but it is not impossible. In fact, members of the general public might have a better shot at it than a construction work that works for the company in question. This is because Oklahoma City personal injury lawyers understand that the public wants to see the big companies pay up for what they have done most of the time. They want to get some measure of justice for people in the public who are injured as a result of negligence on the part of a company.

Poorly marked construction areas are one place where personal injury lawyers in Oklahoma City might have some luck pursuing a case. Basically, a construction area must meet certain standards for warning the public that there is construction taking place in that spot. Failure to do this can mean that the company is opening themselves up to a lawsuit. It is possible to get seriously injured or even killed when people do not put out the proper warnings to let everyone know that the area is a construction zone, and that is why some construction companies shutter in fear when they see lawyers from the Burton Law Group coming to check out their construction sites and all that is going on there.

Get Medical Care Immediately, And Then Call An Attorney 

The first thing one should always do following an accident like those described above is seek medical attention immediately, and then call an attorney that can assist them with their case. It is so important to protect one’s life and health, but it is also important to not delay before going to get a lawyer to begin working on your case. Remember, there are time restrictions in place that need to be abided by in these types of cases. The longer that you wait, the greater the chance is that you will not have the opportunity to present your case at all. Obviously, that is the nightmare scenario that no one wants to get themselves in, and that is why you must do everything within your power to get an attorney and make sure that he or she is working diligently on your case right away. You don’t have time to spare, and you certainly don’t want to chance it by missing your window of opportunity.