What to Do When You See Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

What to Do When You See Signs of Nursing Home Abuse Image

Coming to terms with the need for nursing home care is difficult enough for many families; the stress worsens when they hear news about abuse within these facilities. Being informed about every decision you make regarding the care and well-being of an aging parent or loved one is your first line of defense against any possible threat to their health and safety. But no matter how much time and energy you put into making sure that your elderly loved one is placed in the right senior facility, neglect, and abuse in the hands of uncaring staff is still a possibility. After all, these behaviors and acts are very difficult and sometimes impossible to predict. Watching for signs of neglect and abuse is the best you can do to ensure your loved one’s safety. If you do notice bruises, bed sores, or other signs of abuse in your elderly relative, taking immediate action is critical, starting with contacting a nursing home abuse attorney.

It can be difficult to investigate neglect and abuse alone, which is why working with a nursing home abuse lawyer is critical. While the elderly are more prone to injury, assuming the worst is usually best especially when bruises, wounds, sores, and other signs of injury seem out of the ordinary. Other signs to watch out for include malnutrition, dehydration, and poor hygiene—all of which could be indications of a much larger problem.

nursing home abuse attorney can be your eyes and ears when trying to prove neglect and/or harm within a facility. These attorneys are professionals who are skilled and experienced in investigating and seeking proof of negligence, abuse, or mistreatment that could be happening behind closed doors. Working with a nursing home abuse lawyer means taking steps not only toward monetary restitution for the injury or abuse that your loved one received under the facility’s care but also toward improving the quality of care that the nursing home in question provides. A successful lawsuit against an abusive nursing home could lead to positive changes within the organization or the revocation of their license to operate, should they fail to follow orders to provide more responsible elderly care. Be vigilant and proactive at the first sign of nursing home abuse to prevent further mistreatment of your loved one and other seniors they live with.