Steps to Take if You are in a Car Accident

Steps to Take if You are in a Car Accident Image

No one wants to think about a car crash. However, it is crucial to take appropriate actions if you ever get into one. There are multiple steps to take after getting into a collision. It would be of great benefit if you prepared a plan of action ahead of time. Likewise, Burton Law Group can help you with these steps and provide you with an Oklahoma City accident attorney.

Step 1: Access the Scene

After someone is involved in a crash, adrenaline is high, and so are stress levels. It is important to stay calm after you get into a collision. The first thing to do is check on your own condition before you check on anyone else. Then check the safety of everyone else in the vehicle. Once you have assessed your own personal damage, check your surroundings. If it is safe, remove yourself from the vehicle and get to a safe area away from the crash site.

Then, check everyone else involved in the crash at a safe distance. See if anyone else needs medical assistance, then call for emergency assistance if required. Be sure to cooperate with the police and medical professionals once they arrive on the scene.

Step 2: Trade Information & Documentation

Some car crashes are worse than others.  If no parties involved are injured, then trade information with each other. The shared information includes identification and insurance information. An accident lawyer Oklahoma City can use all this information to help with insurance claims.

Secondly, be sure to document the scene. Most people have access to a camera on their phones, so take photos of the crash site. Take pictures of your car, any other vehicles involved in the crash, and your surroundings. It’s essential to get the entire crash site documented so that Oklahoma car accident attorneys can help you with your medical and insurance claims.

Step 3: See a doctor

No matter how limited the crash is, it’s best to see a doctor to assess any physical harm. Be sure to schedule an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible. Lawyers OKC uses this valuable information to help you with medical bills if you need further medical care.

Some car crashes leave victims severely injured requiring emergency care at a hospital. Discuss your rights with attorneys Oklahoma City 73103, and they can provide you with what is needed for medical insurance claims.

Lastly, document every doctor’s visit and make copies of the medical bills. Insurance companies want to see every medical document concerning the care you receive after the car crash. It’s crucial to keep everything you are given during your doctor’s visits.

Step 4: Contact an Attorney

You may find yourself fighting with your insurance company over coverage. An Oklahoma car accident attorney can help you fight. You deserve to be covered by the insurance you pay for if applicable. An OK car accident attorney can help you gather the necessary documentation for your insurance claim. Attorneys are the best option to get what you need out of your insurance. They will help file a claim, fight medical bills, and help you get the best recovery.

Burton Law Group

Burton Law Group is an excellent source for Oklahoma car accident attorneys. Burton Law Group treats you like family and looks out for your best interests. Insurance companies rarely pay what they should, so it’s essential to contact an attorney to help you get what you deserve after a car crash. Contact an attorney today, to discuss the steps to take, and you will truly be in good hands.  We’re here to help!