Safety on the Motorcycle – Motorcycle Accidents

Safety on the Motorcycle – Motorcycle Accidents Image

There’s something about riding on a motorbike. The wind, the open road, the freedom. But there’s no denying the fact that it is more dangerous than driving a car. Not only is a motorcycle rider more likely to be in an accident (people just can’t see you as easily as a car or truck) – motorcyclists are also more likely to suffer serious injuries if they are in an accident. The lack of protection around their bodies makes auto accidents a real threat.

Crash statistics show that 80 percent of reported motorcycle accidents result in injury or death. As personal injury attorneys, we have seen the worst accidents and injuries, and we feel compelled to help our community avoid these scenarios. There ARE steps you can take to improve your safety on the highway and reduce your chance of serious injury or death. Whether you or a loved one owns and operates a motorcycle, please review these tips that could just save a life.

    Tire pressure is important. Properly working turn signals and brake lights are a must, and a nice, bright, clean headlamp. Examine cables regularly to check for wear and tear. And of course, check fluid levels

The helmet is your most important piece of gear. Always wear it and make any riders wear one as well. Get one that fits nice and snug and that rated highly – in a crash, you want a good helmet that works to protect your head. Look for the DOT (Dept. of Transportation) approval on the label or packaging.

It’s smart to wear gloves, which gives you a better grip. In a flash, if you need to turn suddenly, gloves mean your hands won’t slip. It also helps to have gloves on should you fall off your bike and put your hands down to brace your fall. Leather pants and jacket or a similarly tough, the thick material is also highly recommended. Road rash is not fun, and even minor accidents can lead to substantial skin loss. Thick jeans are far better than thin pants or shorts. Fully enclosed shoes should always be worn and ideally, for optimum safety, boots that come up over the ankle. Finally, wear bright clothing. Bikers like to wear black, but if you want to be seen easily by other drivers, bright colors are the way to go.

One thing that gives motorcycle riders a bad name – weaving in and out of traffic lanes, driving between the lanes to pass drivers. This can be very unnerving and even scary when you are in your car and the motorcycle whizzes by, quite close. Remember – arriving safely at your destination is far more important than shaving a couple minutes off your driving time. Those who love you would always want you to drive as safely as possible. The phrase “Arrive Alive” exists for a reason.

We hope these tips have helped you, and we are committed to pursuing reckless drivers who cause motorcyclists to crash. We are here for those when unfortunate accidents happen, and we take our jobs very seriously. Just as we hope you take your motorcycle driving.