Large Workers Compensation Payouts

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Our Oklahoma City law firm handles hundreds of workers compensation cases every year. This article will share some of the highest known workers comp payouts in U.S. history


Attorney Christopher Asvar has obtained the largest Workers Compensation Insurance Settlement in California history. This year, he was able to procure an 8.9 Million-dollar settlement for his client, Antonio Enriquez. At age 18, in 2004, Enriquez fell from a scaffold while he was working as a painter.  Enriquez suffered a severe brain injury as a result of this accident.  He will need medical care for the rest of his life.

Enriquez’s father was his caregiver and was unable to work unless he placed his son Antonio into a Rehab Facility day and night, which he had to do, prior to the settlement.

Attorney Christopher Asvar, with tenacity and perseverance, was able to procure the nearly nine-million-dollar from the California State Fund — the largest settlement made in the history of California’s Workers’ Compensation at this time.

Antonio Enriquez will receive a structured settlement, which will be paid monthly, for his care and treatment for his brain injury. Thanks to workers compensation laws, his father will be able to care for him at home, and all medical bills will be paid. In addition, concerns over future costs and care can now be forgotten.


An interesting, high settlement case took place in Illinois in 2013, when a man’s back was injured on the job. Larry Holland worked for Schwan’s Home Service and slipped on ice while placing goods into a Schwan’s freezer. After a few months of treatment, doctors said he could return to work under certain restrictions. He was not supposed to do heavy lifting or any prolonged standing.

However, his employer ignored this stipulation and his back condition worsened. While he was off work for a short time to undergo intense physical therapy for his back, he received word from Schwan that his position had been terminated. They had supposedly offered him a new position that he had not accepted, but Holland had never received a formal offer letter for any other position. This became a workers comp retaliation case, and $4.3 million dollars was ultimately awarded.

Unfortunately, there are many times when an employer does not honor their responsibilities to an injured employee, and this is why workers compensation attorneys are needed.

Many workers compensation cases are class action lawsuits because more than one employee has been harmed. In Part Two of this article, we’ll share some of the record class action compensation cases that have taken place in U.S. history.