Information You Need to File a Claim After a Car Accident

Information You Need to File a Claim After a Car Accident Image

If you are involved in an car accident, you should file a claim to receive the settlement you deserve. Here is a guide that can help you.

Steps to filing an insurance claim after an accident

Gather information regarding the accident scene

It is easier for you to file a claim if you obtain all of the information you can at the scene. However, if you suffered serious injuries, you might not get the opportunity to do that.  The police are of great assistance in gathering information where serious injuries are involved. If you can manage to gather the information, take photos of the damaged vehicle, the injuries you suffered and get the contact address and names of any witnesses.

Contact your insurance company.

When you report a claim, you should contact your insurance company initially. Your insurer might ask you for details such as:

  • Copies of police reports, photos of damaged vehicles
  • Date, time, and location of the accident.
  • Details of the insurance policy number.

After contacting your insurance company, they will appoint an adjuster who will investigate your claim.  Normally, the adjuster will arrange an inspection to assess your injury claim and the damage to your car.

Writing down the expenses.

After an evaluation, you will work with your insurer to write down a list of financial difficulties that you suffered.

Speak with a lawyer

NEVER give a recorded statement or sign anything until you contact your lawyer. Hiring the Oklahoma City car accident lawyer will insure the insurance company does not take advantage of you.

police report

Information that you need

Police report

If police appeared at the scene of the accident, they will most likely have prepared an accident report.  The report will include witnesses, passengers, and drivers and determinations  indicating whether traffic laws were followed. To get a copy of the report, you will be required to contact that particular law enforcement agency.

Medical report

If you got injured during the accident, you should ensure that you get copies of billing information and medical records associated with your treatment. The medical records will include the diagnosis made, treatment received, medications prescribed, treatments recommended, and other critical information provided by a healthcare facility. 

Records indicating proof of income

If you missed going to work due to an auto accident, you can recover your corresponding income provided that you can produce detailed documentation proving loss of income. Try to get any direct deposit records, paycheck stubs, and other financial documents that demonstrate the exact income you lost.

Vehicle damage and proof estimates

If your car was damaged during the accident, you are entitled to claim compensation that will cover the repairs.  You will need a repair estimate to assist with this.

Get compensation that you deserve

One of the most complicated aspects of an auto accident is ensuring that you receive the settlement you deserve. That is because most insurance companies never want to turn loose of their money. However, experienced Oklahoma City personal injury lawyers who have already handled thousands of similar cases, know the value of your claim and how to present it.  They will only accept a settlement if you approve of same.

Help you understand the laws and regulations associated with your claim.

To file a successful claim, you need to familiarize yourself with the coverage levels applicable to the accident.  It can be challenging to understand some of the policy language if you do not have insurance experience.  That is, you need an oklahoma city personal injury lawyer who has comprehensive knowledge about insurance and the laws that apply.  The attorney will explain your legal options so that you can hold the other party responsible for maximum compensation.

Negotiate a fair settlement

When it comes to negotiating settlements, insurance companies are highly skilled in that sector.  However, they are only interested in lowering their costs.  You need to hire personal injury lawyers in Oklahoma City because they are highly aggressive in negotiations.  Your lawyers will negotiate with the insurance adjuster and/or their attorney to ensure that you receive the settlement you deserve.  

Filing a lawsuit

An Oklahoma City personal injury attorney is always ready to assist you in filing your lawsuit. If  the other party or insurance company is unwilling to offer you a fair settlement, you can rely on the Oklahoma City car accident law firm to assist you in filing a lawsuit so that you receive a fair settlement.

Regardless of the effects of your car accident claim, you should get in touch with Burton Law Group so that you can access an Oklahoma City injury attorney who is experienced in handling all kinds of accidents.  Having a representative you can trust after you are injured in an accident is essential. The personal injury attorneys at Burton Law Group will offer you all the legal support you need at every step until you finalize the claim process.