I Have Lost A Loved One To An Injury: What Are My Options?

I Have Lost A Loved One To An Injury: What Are My Options? Image

Losing a loved one is extremely hard, especially if it happens suddenly at work. When this happens, you might feel very sad and confused, and you might want to find out if there’s anything you can do about it legally. If you’re in Oklahoma City and going through this tough time, it’s important to know what choices you have.

What Constitutes a Wrongful Death?

Wrongful death happens when someone dies because of another person’s carelessness or harmful actions. In workplaces, this can involve situations where safety wasn’t properly managed, equipment was faulty, or an employer or coworker did something dangerous.

These cases can be complex, and each detail matters. For instance, in Oklahoma City, specific laws and standards apply to determine if a death at work is legally considered “wrongful.” Personal injury attorneys are key in these situations as they have the expertise to understand these complex laws and can guide you through the legal process.

Workers’ Compensation vs. Wrongful Death Claims

When someone gets hurt at work, workers’ compensation usually helps cover their medical costs and lost wages. But, if a worker dies because of a job-related injury, it’s a different story. The worker’s family might get benefits through workers’ compensation, like help with funeral costs or a portion of the lost income.

However, if the death was caused by someone’s negligence – like an employer not following safety rules – then the family might also have the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit. This kind of lawsuit can provide more comprehensive compensation than workers’ compensation and can address things like the family’s emotional suffering.

Choosing between workers’ compensation and a wrongful death claim can be tricky, so it’s wise to consult an experienced injury attorney in Oklahoma City who can advise on the best approach for your specific situation.

What Can Be Claimed?

In wrongful death cases, the compensation isn’t just about the immediate costs; it’s about the full impact of the loss. This can include the medical bills the deceased had because of their injury before they passed away, and funeral and burial expenses.

Beyond that, it also considers the income they would have earned in the future, which is crucial for families who depended on that income. Then there’s the personal side of the loss, like the pain and suffering the person experienced before death, and the emotional impact on the family, known as ‘loss of companionship.’

Calculating these damages accurately requires a deep understanding of the law and the specifics of each case. A personal injury lawyer in Oklahoma City can be invaluable in this process, ensuring that the compensation reflects the true extent of the loss.

Burton Law Group: Your Partner in Seeking Justice

The journey through grief and the quest for justice after losing a loved one to a workplace accident is challenging. While no amount of compensation can replace your loved one, pursuing legal action can provide a sense of justice and financial security during this difficult time. Remember, you are not alone in this journey. Burton Law Group in Oklahoma City is committed to supporting and guiding you through every step of the legal process.

If you’ve lost a loved one to a workplace accident, it’s important to act promptly. Legal claims have deadlines, known as statutes of limitations, and it’s crucial to file a claim within this period. Contacting a personal injury attorney in Oklahoma City as soon as possible can ensure that your claim is filed timely and accurately.

At Burton Law Group, we understand the depth of your loss and are dedicated to helping you navigate the legal process with sensitivity and professionalism. Our team is here to answer your questions, provide clear legal advice, and relentlessly advocate on your behalf.

The journey of healing and justice begins with a single step. If you’re ready to take that step, Burton Law Group is here to walk with you. Reach out to us today, and let us help you find the peace and resolution you deserve. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact our personal injury lawyers in Oklahoma City today. Your first step towards justice and healing starts here.