How Much Workers’ Compensation am I Entitled to?

How Much Workers’ Compensation am I Entitled to? Image

When it comes to workers’ compensation, the amount that you receive will vary depending on several factors. However, anytime that you are dealing with workers’ compensation issues, you can have the right to consult with a Tulsa workers comp attorney affiliated with Burton Law Group. They can assist if your employer fails to pay you compensation or fails to pay you what you deserve. There are various conditions for workers’ compensation insurance that you should be aware of.

Workers’ Compensation Amounts

Have you suffered an injury or work-related illness? Workers’ compensation can be broken down into four different types of benefits:

  • Weekly compensation
  • Permanent impairment benefits
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Medical Treatment

You will not receive any additional benefit for pain and suffering.

The amount of compensation that a worker may receive depends in large part on what the law allows in the state with jurisdiction over your on-the-job injury. Every state is different. States limit the length of time that you are able to receive temporary benefits.   In addition, states limit the amount of permanent impairment allowed for all types of injuries. This is why it is important to talk with Tulsa workers comp attorneys to help give you an idea of the benefits available.

The amount of the weekly temporary total disability benefit ranges from 66 2/3% to 75% of the employee’s average weekly wage (AWW). The AWW represents the actual earnings of the employee and includes overtime for a particular number of weeks prior to the injury, usually up to 52 weeks. However, many states have capped the max weekly benefit at around $1,000 per week, no matter the employees AWW. Oklahoma worker’s compensation is different than from other states so you should check with Burton Law Group.

Medical Treatment Payment

An employee who has been injured at work is entitled to have all reasonable and necessary medical expenses paid that relate to that injury. Oklahoma law allows the employer to select the initial treating physician. In most states, employees are reimbursed for travel expense incurred while obtaining medical treatment.

How an Attorney Can Help

If you have sustained an injury at work, you should reach out to an Oklahoma workers compensation attorney. A workers’ comp attorney will be able to assist you in developing your medical evidence to help prove your claim. They can also represent you at your hearing and negotiate a settlement on your behalf.

Unfortunately, employers or their insurance companies will sometimes deny claims without any legitimate reason. This is why knowing Oklahoma workers compensation laws is necessary. When an employer denies an employee’s rights to compensation, the employee must file a claim with the Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Commission in order to prove a right to benefits. It is a complex system. Without the help of an attorney, most employees feel helpless and many just give up. The last thing you want to do is face a judge in the Oklahoma workers compensation court on your own.