How Much in SSDI Disability Benefits Can I Get?

How Much in SSDI Disability Benefits Can I Get? Image

SSDI or Social Security Disability Insurance is a benefit that provides payments to eligible individuals who no longer have the ability to perform work. This federal insurance program can only be offered to those who are insured under the program and who meet the criteria and definition of disability as determined by the Social Security Administration. How much you will get in SSDI or disability benefits will be based upon your average current earnings or the wages for which you paid Social Security premiums or taxes on, prior to your disability. In simpler terms, the amount that you will receive on a monthly basis under the SSDI will be based on the average earnings you have accumulated before you became disabled.  SSDI benefits are not dependent on the severity of the disability you have. Seeking the aid of a social security disability lawyer when you file a claim for SSDI will help you increase your chances of getting approved, especially with today’s stringent claims processes that only grant approval to those who meet SSA’s criteria.

Speaking with a social security disability attorney at Burton Law Group will help you get all the assistance you need as you seek disability insurance. Social Security Disability is one of the practice areas that the firm specializes in, providing clients with professionals who have the right expertise in the field of disability insurance and benefits. When searching for a social security disability lawyer to help handle your case, Burton Law can provide you with professionals who have years of experience in SSDI processes—ones that will help prevent denial of your claim.

Your disability benefits or payments may be reduced if you are receiving payments of a similar nature from other sources, such as worker’s compensation benefits. Naturally, since each individual has different average current earnings, the SSA uses a complex formula for calculating benefits—which is the reason why the amount of Social Security each person receives is unique for each individual. Much in the same way, Social Security bases a person’s disability benefits on their covered earnings over the period of years you’ve been paying Social Security taxes before your disability. Such complexities are among the main reasons why it is best to consult with a social security disability attorney to help you through every step of the claims process.  At Burton Law Group, We’re Here to Help!