How a Social Security Disability Attorney Can Help Me

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If you have worked for the requisite number of years and paid income taxes during that time, you should qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance. It is a government program, paid by hard-working people just like you to create a safety net for anyone who loses the ability to work due to a disability.

Unfortunately, the federal government can be slow to deliver the assistance they owe to you. Sometimes the process can be excessively lengthy and people are regularly denied when their injuries clearly prevent them from obtaining gainful employment.

If that describes your situation, the Burton Law Group can help! Get in touch today to discover how you can receive disability benefits Oklahoma, or read on to learn more.

How to Qualify for SSD

To qualify for benefits:

1. A qualified medical professional must believe that your disability prevents you from working.

In this case, you would need to demonstrate to a doctor that you are unable to do your job (or any other job) because of your injury or disability. The doctor will then provide a written statement which the individual then submits to the Social Security Administration (SSA).

2. Gather your basic contact information, past employment records, and information on any special training you have completed. The Social Security Administration will review all of these documents which can take several months.

If you believe you are waiting longer than what is reasonable, or if your application is denied — Oklahoma disability lawyers can help!

Laws Surrounding Social Security Disability Approval

Again, if you have been working long enough to qualify, have been paying taxes during a qualifying period of work, and have not stopped working long enough for SSDI to expire, then you will qualify for SSDI if you meet the disability requirements.

You must be able to show a medical disability that prevents you from returning to past jobs or any other jobs for which you are qualified.  A construction worker with 20 years of work experience may have a back injury that stops him from continuing in that industry. Such a person may be physically able to do other kinds of work but would need training to do so.

The doctor you see may turn you down if he/she believes you can work.  Unfortunately, people are sometimes turned down, even when they qualify, deserve, and need SSDI.

When to Consider Legal Representation for SSD Insurance

If you believe you qualify for SSD and have been denied, you need a disability lawyer! You may need a disability attorney OKC if:

  • You have a disability preventing you from working
  • You have tried to apply and the process is overwhelming
  • You are too disabled to apply
  • You have applied and have been waiting a long time
  • You cannot find the information required by the SSA
  • You got denied
  • You need help to prepare for a court proceeding

The Burton Law Group Can Help with Social Security

If you are tired of waiting and do not know what to do to qualify for SSD, the disability law attorneys of the Burton Law Group can help you.  If you have been denied, we can help you appeal the decision on time.

Get in touch today to receive help with your disability benefits Oklahoma claim as soon as possible!