Facts About Oklahoma’s Workers’ Compensation

Facts About Oklahoma’s Workers’ Compensation Image

Oklahoma is the city of beautiful sunsets, rapid weather changes and where locals gulp down sweet tea to warm the soul. But even in the best of places things can go awry and accidents can happen, even at the workplace. It’s then that you’d wish you knew more of the laws of this caring city. Then again, why should you wait for the sky to fall to know your rights? Proactively, we bring you some key facts on Oklahoma’s Workers Compensation to aid you if a dark day befalls you.

Did you know?

  • Your employer has already insured you. Your employer is mandated by law to protect you from financial loss in case of an injury at work
  • Under workers’ compensation which is an insurance program, you will be entitled to compensation in case of a disability arising out of the accident. Your medical and rehabilitation will be covered and in case of death, your dependents will be entitled to claim the benefits
  • No sooner than you join an organization, you are covered by workers’ compensation
  • Workers’ Compensation laws of the State is applicable to Oklahoma employees

Some of those excluded in their list include:

ª     Employees covered for job-related injuries under the federal law

ª     Certain agricultural workers

ª     Licensed real estate brokers on a commission basis

ª     Certain persons providing services administered by the Oklahoma Department of   Human Services

  • Not reporting the injury on time will reduce the benefits you could receive.
  • You must report a single event injury to your employer within 30 days or medical treatment must be got within the 30-day period
  • For occupational diseases or injuries caused by “repeated” trauma, you must give notice to your employer within 90 days from the time you cease to work for the company.
  • When you are off work and under a doctor’s treatment you are entitled to a weekly check of temporary total disability or off work benefits.
  • You needn’t worry about the benefits you receive from workers’ compensation will be subject to any state or federal withholding tax. So when filing returns you needn’t report this money.

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