Do I Need a Lawyer to Get Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Do I Need a Lawyer to Get Workers’ Compensation Benefits? Image

There are workplace injury cases that are straightforward and don’t require legal intervention. But when your injury is severe and/or denied by the insurance company, a workplace injury lawyer in Tulsa can help you obtain the compensation you deserve. Hiring a workers’ compensation attorney in Tulsa offers many benefits especially when your case isn’t as simple as a minor cut, or if you have pre-existing conditions which all too often complicate injury claims. One of the benefits of hiring a workers’ compensation attorney is that initial evaluations are free. A free consultation will help you decide whether you should hire an attorney or remain unrepresented. Here are some of the reasons why you may need to hire legal counsel:

  1.    To help evaluate your claim – In some cases (even when the insurance provider and your employer are cooperating and are not denying your claim), it pays to at least consult with an attorney who can determine the value of the claim. You might be offered a lump sum settlement to close your claim, but you also want to make certain that closing your claim is in your best interest and that you are receiving a fair amount for it. A workers compensation attorney in Tulsa can help you determine the value of the claim based on factors like medical treatment incurred, future medical needs, and the current climate of the Workers’ Compensation Commission.
  2.    To help you with the actual filing of your claim – You may likewise need to contact a workplace injury lawyer in Tulsa to help you through the process.  Often, workers don’t recognize the true extent of the injury immediately or they may hope that symptoms improve on their own.  These are circumstances that insurance companies rely on to deny claims. An experienced lawyer can assist you in collecting details of the accident, prepare documents, help you in seeking medical treatment, notify your employer’s insurance company, as well as respond to requests for information and other requirements to facilitate delivery of your benefits.
  3.    Finally, an attorney can help you protect your rights and work toward a resolution that benefits you the most.

Burton Law Group is committed to providing injured workers with skillful representation by a workers’ compensation attorney in Tulsa, with the goal of obtaining the best outcome possible. The firm employs personal injury attorneys, workers compensation lawyers, social security attorneys, and legal counsel that can provide you with services you need as you deal with a workplace injury and insurance company.