Cosmetic Surgery Malpractice in Oklahoma

When someone decides to get cosmetic surgery, they dream of a new outlook on life and a physical change that is going to be positive.

They do not expect to have pain, they do not expect poor results, and they do not expect their lives to be changed for the worse.

But, cosmetic surgery malpractice is more common than you might imagine.

If you are a victim of cosmetic surgery malpractice or you know someone victimized by a cosmetic error, the bad surgery lawyers of Burton Law Group can help.

What Is Cosmetic Surgery?

It is helpful to know what is considered cosmetic surgery so that you can better understand what is considered cosmetic surgery malpractice.

Cosmetic surgery is any surgery that is used to alter the appearance of the patient or that is not needed to sustain the life of the person in question. This can be anything from a nose job to a tummy tuck.

These surgeries can result in large or small changes that sometimes are not too apparent. These surgeries are performed by professionals that know how to make these changes and how to ensure that their patients are going to come through the surgery successfully.

Elements of Cosmetic Malpractice

When considering a malpractice suit for a cosmetic procedure, you do need to know what the elements of malpractice are and how to go about finding a great Oklahoma City malpractice attorney that knows the ins and outs of Oklahoma medical malpractice.

There are four elements to malpractice that your lawyer has to be able to prove in order for you to recover.

The first is proving that there was a professional duty to the patient. This means proving that you have an agreement with that doctor to perform a specific surgery. This can be obtained through the contract that you signed.

The next thing to prove is that there was a breach of that duty. This means that they agreed to do a certain thing and did not do it.

You then need to prove that the injury was a result of the breach of duty, that you did not cause the injury by doing something when you got home, or not doing something you needed to do to help support your healing.

The last element is proving the extent of damage caused by the breach. Your medical malpractice lawyers can help you create this case.

Common Cases of Cosmetic Surgery Medical Malpractice

There are lots of different types of cosmetic surgery medical malpractice claims. It can be an infection that set in after the surgery as a result of poor sanitation, a botched surgery that does not look the way it was promised, or even a surgery that results in everyday pain following the surgery even after healing.

The main issue with this type of medical malpractice is that you need to be able to prove that it was something that was either done incorrectly or something that was neglected during your surgery that led to this pain and suffering that you are now dealing with.

Filing a Claim

The first thing you need to do before you try to start a claim is to get a great lawyer that understands the medical malpractice statute of limitations Oklahoma and knows to build a good case. They will help you collect the necessary information to create a timeline that the courts can follow.

Your lawyer will work with you to determine what the best course of action is, to help create a case that is going to be air-tight. When you feel that you might have a claim, it is essential to contact a medical malpractice lawyer as soon as you can to get the process started.

An attorney is going to be far better help than you might imagine. While you can file a claim on your own, it is going to be much easier and more successful if you have a lawyer on your side to help guide you through the process.

An experienced medical malpractice lawyer is going to tell you if you have a case, help you build your case, and help you create a case where you can seek compensation. Contact Burton Law Group today for a medical malpractice lawyer free consultation.