Can I File A Personal Injury Lawsuit If I Have Suffered Serious Neck Injury?

Can I File A Personal Injury Lawsuit If I Have Suffered Serious Neck Injury? Image

Suffering from a whiplash after a car accident is common grounds for a personal injury lawsuit, but making a claim for compensation can be a challenge. Finding a good personal injury lawyer Oklahoma before making your claim is one of the best ways to increase your chances of receiving what you deserve.

Serious neck injuries are commonly sustained after car accidents. They are often the result of the abrupt forwards and backward flexion of the neck—and they can cause very painful conditions that are enough to disrupt your normal day to day activities and even cause other serious physical problems. Filing a claim and a lawsuit to ensure proper compensation for your pain and suffering is possible—and advisable—in these types of situations.

An Oklahoma City personal injury attorney will likely tell you that immediate medical attention and treatment is critical to proving your injury. It’s important that you seek immediate medical treatment right after you are involved in an automobile accident or any other form of an incident that may cause serious neck injuries, even when you don’t feel discomfort or pain right away. Insurance adjusters tend to look at whiplash or neck injury cases with suspicion. It is therefore essential that first disclosure of medical information comes from a physician, who is your most credible resource in a physical injury case. Many conditions like back strain, whiplash, and similar soft tissue injuries don’t become symptomatic until after some time has passed. A physician will know how to observe for signs of such injuries, which may go unnoticed by laypeople as they are presented with the facts of the accident.

Filing a claim as soon as you have medically documented your injury is important because the longer you delay, the more challenging the claim process will be. Burton Law can provide you with an experienced Oklahoma City personal injury attorney who can walk you through the entire process and increase your chances of making a successful claim.

Another important aspect of the claims process for this type of personal injury is proper documentation of your medical expenses. Be sure that all costs you incur in relation to your injury treatment and rehabilitation are documented. These costs should also include economic damages like lost wages, mileage, insurance co-pays, and prescription costs, on top of your medical bills. Any out-of-pocket expense you dole out could potentially be reimbursable. Insurance adjusters will require proof of loss of the amount that they pay out and be documenting your expenses will help make the process smoother for all concerned.