5 Strangest Personal Injury Lawsuits and Their Outcomes

5 Strangest Personal Injury Lawsuits and Their Outcomes Image

Every once in awhile, you hear about unusual personal injury lawsuits that make you laugh. Perfect example, the woman who sued Universal Studios for being overly frightened during the Halloween Horror Nights haunted house. She claimed that she experienced psychological trauma and severe mental anguish. If you think that’s taking it a step too far, when it comes to personal injury, the following are the strangest personal injuries you probably ever read about.

Case 1: Man Sues for Missing Door Knob

A claims examiner, from New York, used a restroom that did not have a door knob installed. As he left the restroom, he put his hands where the doorknob was supposed to be to open the door. Someone came into the bathroom at the same time, causing the door to slam up against the man’s thumb. The injury caused the man to have surgery, which forced him to leave his job for 6 months. The claims examiner sued for his personal injury and was awarded $3 million for himself and $750,000 for his spouse.

Case 2: Suicide Attempt Goes Wrong – Woman Sues

This personal injury case is sad compared to most strange personal injury cases. A woman from New York City tried committing suicide by laying down on the subway train tracks. The train hit the woman, but she was not killed. Instead, she suffered severe personal injury. As a result, she sued New York state for her injuries. The state Supreme Court awarded $14.1 million in damages to the woman.

Case 3: Neighbor Sues Teenagers for Knocking on Her Door

A couple of teenagers decided to ditch a high school dance in order to deliver homemade cookies to a neighbor. The neighbor decided to file a lawsuit against the teens because she claimed their door knocks cause her an anxiety attack. The neighbor won $900 for her personal injury claim.

Case 4: A Man Sues Over a Cold Cut Sandwich

A man from New York received an unpleasant surprise when he bit into his Subway sandwich. He found a knife baked into the bread. Although he wasn’t cut from the knife, he claimed that he felt sick, to his stomach, after he ate a portion of the sandwich – due to knife contamination. He was awarded $20,000 for his personal injury claim.

Case 5: TV Weather Reporter Gets Sued for Poor Weather Conditions

A woman sued a weather reporter for giving a forecast that turned out to be wrong. The woman claimed she suffered from “mental stress and irreparable damage” due to the false forecast. The forecast caused her to dress in light clothing during a rainstorm. As a result, she got sick and missed a day of work, and had to pay for medication. The woman won $1,000 for her claim.

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