4 Steps to Take After Being Injured at Work

4 Steps to Take After Being Injured at Work Image

Being injured at work can be a devastating experience when your ability to work and provide for your family is threatened. That is why you should know what steps to take to obtain Oklahoma workers’ compensation and recover from the damages that the injury may cause. Working with an expert workers compensation lawyer from Burton Law Group is highly recommended so you can be guided in the right direction and avoid denial of your claim. A workers’ compensation attorney will assist you in working through every step of your case to ensure efficient processing of your claim:

Reporting the injury – One of the first things you should do after sustaining a work-related injury is to report the incident immediately to your employer. Every company has its unique internal procedures when it comes to reporting workplace injuries. Make sure to follow these processes within the allowed period (usually within 30 days after the injury) to avoid possible denial of your claim. Your employer has 10 days after receiving notification of 3 more missed workdays to submit their First Report to the WCC (Worker’s Compensation Commission).

Obtaining medical care – Your workers’ compensation attorney will advise you to seek medical care or treatment for the injury at once even if your employer does not provide same. Oklahoma workers’ compensation laws permit employees to choose their own medical provider for the treatment of their injury if it is an emergency or if the employer does not provide treatment within seven days. The WCC has a fee schedule, which outlines how much a physician can charge an insurance provider for different kinds of services. If the claim is accepted by your employer, the employer may likewise select the initial medical provider but you have the right to change once during the pendency of your claim.

Keeping track of missed work and expenses – Depending on the extent, type, and severity of your injury, you may be eligible for any of several types of compensation benefits. In most cases, partial lost wages and reasonable and necessary medical expenses are covered, but not without proper and detailed records of your expenses and missed work relating to the injury.

Hiring the right help – Seeking the aid of an expert workers’ compensation lawyer is imperative in order to assist you in gathering all evidence and documentation that will help prove your claim. Expert lawyers can help protect your rights if you are injured at work, and ensure your ability to get the right compensation for the damages that the injury has caused.